Hi! I am Feby – I am very pleased to meet you and  excited to share with you the ATTITUDE, SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE you need to succeed in this wonderful world of Virtual Work.

If you are a newbie, I believe that one of your questions is on how to start. Also, you may really want to ask if it’s really true that you can earn while doing some kind of remote work. The first thing I would love to confirm to you is that yes, you can earn through online work because for the past four years, this has been my source of bread and butter.

So how did I started as a Freelancer? Well, I am a Social Worker, a Community Development Worker, and an avid advocate of women and youth empowerment. I also promote Sustainable Development and had been part of the Global Day of Action against Dirty Energy held on June 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. There were thousands of Turkish activists, including 500 youth from 130+ countries who joined this walk for a cause on the streets of Kadikoy, Istanbul to send a strong message against dirty energy and I am so proud that I am one of them.


Freelance Work

As an advocate, my work had always been inspiring and spiritually enhancing, however, as an employee I still have to report to work from 8:00AM to 5:00PM (and to work beyond the call of duty). Of course I enjoyed every single advocacy work I was doing, but the job requires traveling and overtime work, and I felt that my children are being left behind. My two kids who were 7 and 4 years old in 2013 are growing up so fast and I just wanted to be there for them, I wanted to send and fetch them to and from their school, I wanted to watch them sing in front of their class and I wanted to be their biggest fan in every milestone of their lives while they are little.

Hence, on January 2013, I decided to quit my promising career and I started freelance writing. I would say it’s not easy most especially if you are used to a secure income. In freelance work, there is no secure income. In my almost four years in this industry, I experienced abundant and famine seasons. There are times that I have lots of projects and there were lean seasons where I don’t really get projects to work on. However, the rewards are tremendous!  As a virtual worker, I had won the freedom to send and fetch my children from school. I successfully deposited wonderful memories to my children’s memory bank. I believe that you can only give quality time to your children if you have enough time to do it. Happily, I became a full time mommy, but still working and earning. Most amazingly, I continued my advocacy work as a volunteer to various community and grassroots development work.

For now, I felt that there is also a need for me to share the skills, knowledge and attitude I have gained from my online career. I have friends, former workmates and colleagues who have been asking me to teach them. Therefore, I find it important to share this wonderful, wonderful world of virtual assistant career.

To know more about me, check the below information:

As a Freelance Writer, my skills are writing blog posts, guest posts, resources, newsletters, developing content/blogging strategy, landing page content and any of your other content marketing needs.


Project management
Editorial calendar management
Blogging and creative writing
Email marketing
Web Research
White Paper
Project Proposal Writing
Training Design

You can hire me for the following services:

  • Writer for your website content –  blog posts, guest posts, resources, newsletters, developing content/blogging strategy, landing page content and any of your other content marketing needs.
  • Social Media Marketing help
  • Editorial calendar management
  • Web Research
  • White Paper Writing
  • I can also serve as your virtual assistant for various administrative tasks

Work Experience

Freelance Writer
January 2013- present

Administrative Officer IV/Project Officer II for Networking and Alliance Building

National Economic Development Authority-Cordillera Administrative Region
March 2012-December 2012

  • Assisted in the coordination and preparation of training modules and materials for various information, education and consultation activities on the Cordillera Regional Autonomy and Development Program of the Regional Development Council
  • Assisted in the coordination and conduct of programs and activities of the Regional Development Council
  • Forged partnerships with various civil service organizations such as the non-government organizations, people’s organizations, religious sectors, government organizations and the academe for the IEC of the Cordillera Regional Autonomy and Development Program
  • Assisted in the project monitoring and evaluation of the Regional Autonomy IEC projects spearheaded by the seven provinces in the Cordillera Region

Community Development Officer/Social Worker

Igorota Foundation Inc.
April 2007-March 2012

  • Organized women and youth organizations
  • Prepared and submitted project proposals to local, national and international organizations supporting women, youth and the environment
  • Planned, coordinated and facilitated activities for communities targeting women and youth
  • Established health savings program for the community based women organizations
  • Served as resource person on various subjects such as gender and development, reproductive health, social accountability and good governance, community disaster risk reduction and climate change.


University of Sovereign Nations
Masters of Bioethics and Global Public Health
January 2014 – October 2016

Saint Louis University
Bachelor of Science Major in Social Work
1999 – 2004

Licensed Social Worker

Countries I visited so far…

  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Lumbini, Nepal
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Java, Indonesia
  • Bandung City, Indonesia
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Nahoksawan, Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Tallinn, Estonia